Reengineering the peak of empowerment

Our programs are built to enable any individual from any segment to enrich five areas of their life – education and careers, skill and livelihoods, financial preparedness, health and wellness and emotional wellbeing. Development of a person is a multi-dimensional, holistic process; our programs and courses are designed to deliver just that. Our team brings over a decade of experience working with impact populations for skill development, trainer enrichment, curriculum design and outcome facilitation. We also bring extensive capability in designing and deploying technology in rural communities through a combination of rapid prototyping and iterative design/implementation cycles.

Covid-19 has led to the reinstatement of rural populations in their hometowns and villages, leading to supply chain shortages in urban areas and unemployment in rural regions. Many people are unable to find secure employment or venture on their own due to lack of digital literacy,  awareness of future scenarios of work and the modern value chain. Students graduating from our programs are able to elevate themselves to the next level of prosperity and wellbeing by crossing this digital divide that prevents them from entering the digital economy. Many are even able to continue in their original line of work with the digital boost they need to upgrade their scope, scale and reach. The ability to earn a livelihood from the home area leads to development within the community itself as more people contribute not just to the digital economy but also to their own rural ecosystems. Click below to learn more about our current programs. 

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