Reskilling BoP Workers Affected by AI and Automation

Over 4 crore migrant workers returned to their home states during the Covid-19 lockdown in India. This is less than one-third of the 15 crore that make up India’s total migrant population. These workers are just one set of the people that make of India’s 70 crore bottom of the pyramid labour population.

This population is the most affected by digitalization, automation and AI. Rural unemployment drives migration, leaving rural areas bereft of both their labour and talent. Navkaushal, derived from “Nav” meaning new and “Kaushal” meaning skill, enables these  BoP workers to get reinstated in their native regions while preparing them to access emerging markets created in their work sectors. 

According to the World Economic Forum, IOT, AI and other digital technologies are expected to create over 3 million jobs in India out of which 2.1 million will be in the agriculture sector. The foundation of Navkaushal is digital and financial literacy which gives rural communities first-level access to this new job market. Our next level of training takes a deep dive into sector-specific communication and vocational skills. Navkaushal is driven by our subject matter experts in communication, finance, digital technologies, automation and digital transformation. To learn more about how Navkaushal can benefit you or your community get in touch with us.

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