Creating Awareness on Jobs of the Future

In 10 years, although 50% of jobs globally will be affected by digital and automation, only 5% will be eliminated, according to the World Economic Forum. To take advantage of the remaining 45% jobs, employable youth has to  be “future-resilient”. Traditional education and training systems have to be complemented with awareness on future jobs, the markets in which they operate and disruptive, self-paced, continuous skill development in emerging technologies.

Through our 24/7 future markets and jobs awareness streams, we facilitate mindset shifts among impact populations, empowering them to access these new jobs created by the digital economy. 9 out of 10 such jobs require digital skills and the ability to work alongside rapidly evolving machines. Ununiv provides progressive levels of skill development in this area starting from cognitive and communication skills and moving on to market-specific skill development such as for internet/eCommerce, programming, internet marketing and many more. Students enrolled in Ununiv also receive alerts about the transitions of job markets and participate in workshops to prepare themselves for these markets before they even start maturing.

To learn more about Ununiv and how it can propel your career to the next level but “on your own terms”, get in touch with us.

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