Go from Farmer to "Agripreneur" with digital transformation

India produces over 11% of the world’s agricultural output. 52% of the total Indian population which is about 74% of the rural population produces this output and mostly consists of smallholder farmers. 

Farmers must realize net positive returns if they have to move from being “agriculturists” to “agripreneurs”. Vriddhi, symbolizing prosperity, is able to put a footprint on the entire value chain from research to end retail in a way that lets farmers realize money in their pockets.  It helps farmers achieve this in two ways – digital and financial inclusion and apps to bring both research and market information closer to them.

Vriddhi is conceptualized and led by a passionate team of agriculture researchers, digital technology experts and impact network specialists. We work both in the lab and on the ground which helps bridge the gap between experimental methods in crop selection, crop-cutting, processing or warehousing and practical implementation. Marketing is one of Vriddhi’s strong points where we empower farmers to become their own champions. 

To learn more about how Vriddhi can empower your agricultural community, get in touch with us.

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