Foundational learning through digital schooling

In the next two decades, India will not only be one of the world's top three economies but also a premier digital society with young people driving it.

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and MD, Reliance Industries

The premier digital society that is the vision of the Digital India program and many other initiatives, both public and private, will be driven by the children of today. Children and young adults belong to the “born digital” generation and Neev takes this to the next level by empowering them to use emerging technologies and the internet for not just knowledge-gathering but to become the most discerning critical thinkers. 

Through its app-driven, gamified and experiential curriculum, Neev makes learning not just rich, but fun. Students enrolled in Neev can range from primary to middle school and supplement their board-certified courses with self-paced, on-demand learning. Sciences, humanities, history, languages, trivia, arts – all find their place in the universal learning approach of Neev. It also offers a broad umbrella of courses that are essential for the child or teen of today to become a “cosmic digizen” in the coming years, to retain their humanity in the “Age of AI”. Primary among these are financial literacy, gender education, socio-cultural studies, civics and ethics. 

Kai Fu Lee and many other AI experts have remarked on the growing importance of compassion, creativity and empathy to survive and find meaning in a world that is changing drastically each day with automation. Neev, through its holistic, subject-agnostic, boundary-free approach, emphasizes on developing these qualities at the foundational stage of individuals. The use of technology is meant to drive the message that technology exists for us and we are not defined only by what we do. To know more about how Neev can enrich your students’ development or your schools’ curriculum, get in touch with us.

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