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Technology and access to education are the barriers that prevent almost 50% of Indian youth from achieving their full potential

A bold, transformative approach is needed to bring a complete paradigm shift in the educational system and helping people in rural communities to redesign every sector of their lives. Inspired by the “Karma Yoga” principle of Swami Vivekananda and the “jiva seva” teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, School in the Mountain serves people through technology-enabled programs for multi-dimensional development. Crossing the technology barrier gives our communities access to the digital economy which fundamentally transforms the way they uplift other pillars of their lives such as finance, education and health. Just as a mountain brings to mind peaks and summits, School in the Mountain facilitates a stepwise approach for an individual to reach the “summit” of development.  

How We Work

Focus Centres

Our learning centres have a theme or a sector focus on the most relevant concerns of today such as job replacement by AI/Automation, digital transformation in agriculture or getting skilled for the Future of Work.

Driven by Technology

All our programs are technology-driven and designed to complement theoretical education with practical skill. They embody blended learning, combining human interaction with 24/7, self-paced processes.  

Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic life coaching is embedded in all our programs to enable anyone to tackle their own financial, professional and emotional wellbeing and also to bring about more “Humanism” in a tech-enmeshed society.

We Strive to Build

Self-reliant Communities

We enable rural communities to be self-sufficient, generate employment internally without migrating from their homes, become financially stable and future-proof through reskilling and future job awareness.

Sustainable Partnerships

We strive to create sustainable multi-dimensional partnerships to empower our local skill development  partners and facilitators to enrich their curriculum and post-completion employability for their students.

Inclusive Digitalization

We empower rural communities to  cross the digital divide, achieve financial security and economic mobility. Reconfiguring their lives  transforms them from consumers to contributors in the digital economy.

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