Specialization paths for further career and livelihood development by profession, inclination and requirements (exam/certificate)

Our Programs

Foundational program for all ages covering the essentials for survival as a citizen of the digital economy

Unique digital and professional skilling for those whose livelihoods are affected by AI and automation for sector-based rehabilitation.

Entrepreneurial, management and e-commerce skill development for individuals looking to start a business or already in one.



  • Benchmarked at an ideal knowledge level for 10-16-year-olds for sustainable life and future livelihood. However, enrollment can be done at any age.

  • Customized learning experience including life fundamentals courses and career development curriculum

  • Holistic counseling and career guidance from beginning to end.

  • Facilitate and enrich school-based learning by sharpening both cognitive and creative abilities.



  • Benchmark at an ideal knowledge level of 16-25 years for a sustainable life and prospering livelihood.

  • Enrollment can be done at any age.

  • Talent and potential assessment mapped with market requirements and marketable skills.

  • Personalized curriculum with life fundamentals to enable career and livelihood design for learners.

  • Holistic and personalized coaching for all types of competitive examinations and courses to enhance learning capacity.



  • Designed for Micropreneurs and unorganized business/trade owners forming >90% of the Indian economy.

  • Mentor business owners for systematic and technology-driven execution of core business functions.

  • Sharpen socio-cultural and communication skills for enhanced customer reach and retention.

  • Assist in scaling through continuous skill development and initial handholding.